Why Play Misfits?


“Playing for the Misfits taught me what it is to be a rugby player. The organization has given me the experience and coaching needed to grow and excel as an athlete, a leader, and a person. I’ve learned how to win with class, as well as how to lose with dignity. I’ve learned the value of hard work. Most of all, I have gained the drive necessary to be successful in rugby and in life.”

Braden Bruce- Peterborough Pagans/ Thomas A. Stewart SS- Canada U18 7s and 15s- 2018 Ontario U18 7s Captain – Misfits U18 Captain 2018/19

“The Canadian Misfits have helped me as a rugby player in many ways. The first way the program has helped me is in the coaching staff.  I have had the pleasure of being coached by a variety of experienced coaches. All the coaches in the program have a wealth of knowledge about the game and will share unique things for the athletes to take and improve their own game. The Misfits exposured me to a higher level of rugby. Having played for a small club the Misfits allows me to play in higher level rugby tournaments which helped me develop my skills and improve my decision making on the field. I will always be thankful for being a apart of such a well run and coached program.”

Glenn Butler- Grimsby /RMC-  2018 Canada U18 7s, 2019 Canada U20 15s, Misfits 2017-Present

“Playing for the Misfits is like playing with family. Misfits7s has given me more opportunity for success more than any other program has before. From their player driven focus, the Misfits help me to develop my skills in all aspects of the game. The acknowledgement and level of trust coaches have with players develops my insight and confidence to make decisions and perform to my best ability. I’m looking forward to further progress my rugby career with the Misfits.”

Nash Ramsay- Stoney Creek RFC/Saltfleet DHS-  2017/18 Ontario U18 7s Captain – Misfits U18 Captain

“The Mis-Fits have helped me developed as a rugby player, but they have also helped me develop as a competitor and a person. I have learned what it is like to be a true teammate. To always push to the final whistle and to always back yourself. By being surrounded by great rugby players, great coaches and great people, Mis-Fits allowed me growth on and off the field. Allowing for one of the best rugby experiences I have ever had to privilege to be a part of.”

Kal Sager- Peterborough Pagans/Thomas A Stewart SS- 2018 Canada U18 Boy7s-  Misfits 2018-Present


“As someone who has played the game for almost 30 years, now enjoying watching my son take on new challenges in the sport, I really appreciate the player focused structure that the Misfits have created and offered to so many talented young players. While structure and core skills are critical in the development of young rugby players – so too is the ability to get creative and the freedom to test your limits. I applaud this group for fostering that environment. The program also seems to attract some of the finest young people I have had the pleasure to meet.”

Nick Taylor- father of Justin Taylor- Past Captain at Aurora Barbs , Coach at Ajax Wanderers, Past Director of Commercial Operations at Rugby Canada (2005-2012) 

“The Misfits have become an essential part of my son Joshua’s rugby development in so many positive ways. The training, encouragement, support given to Misfit players from coaches and staff is extraordinary. I never have to worry when Joshua goes off playing in a tournament because I know he receives the best guidance and care from Khalil, Nigel, and staff. Joshua plays harder and better with the Misfits because the respect he has for his coaches at Misfits. A terrific organization!”

 Jeanette Chan- mother of Joshua Ho- Misfits 2017-Present, Wilfrid Laurier University, Rugby Ontario 7s/15s 2013-Present

“What a terrific organisation! Our son has been indulged with some fine rugby coaching and opportunities over the years, but never more so than with the Canadian Misfits. His rugby development really took off under the Misfits flag, where he has been given the opportunity to play with some of Canada’s top young rugby stars and to compete against some of the best competition on the continent. The coaching, guidance and leadership at Misfits is second to none, and the opportunity given to the players to express themselves and to showcase their skills is unparalleled. The players are positively challenged not only by the highest level of competition, but they also have to learn to fit in and form a team very quickly, as the Misfits is not a club and the team is always new. To be called upon by the Misfits is not only an honour and a great opportunity, but as I am told it is also a promise of fun, camaraderie and the most memorable experiences.”

Ondrej Vasica- Zoom Rugby, father of Danny Vasica, CRU/ Wilfrid Laurier University, 2017 Rugby Ontario 7s, Misfits 2016-Present

“My son, Jordan Austin started his rugby career playing for the Misfits partner club- Aurora Barbarians. Within a short period of time, Jordan began playing the Canadian Misfits 7’s.  This was an incredible opportunity and has been a game changer for Jordan’s rugby development.  The calibre of coaching-teaching not only the technical aspects of the game but also the methods used to improve individual skills, overall drive, athleticism and the values necessary to be a true team player.”

Mike Austin- father of Jordan Austin a member of Canada’s U18 Boys 7s- Misfits 2018/19

“The most development for Nash, in all aspects of his life, comes from playing for the Misfit7s, a player driven program. It develops him both personally and as a skilled rugby player. Misfits provide a climate that encourages players to engage themselves, analyze, reflect and normalize frustration which transforms into positive skill energy. Players gain strategic insight, the ability to conceptualize, autonomy and confidence to make decisions both personally and within a team. Often, when meeting players for the first time, their quick team building develops value for diversity of player contributions and trust, that all points are valid.”
Kimberley Miller- mother of Nash Ramsay- Misfits 2017-Present, Stoney Creek RFC/Saltfleet DHS, Rugby Ontario 7s/15s 2017-Present