About Us

Player Advisory Board

Kendra Cousineau- Guelph, Chloe Daniels- Aurora Barbarians, Madison Donnelly- Aurora Barbarians

Kal Sager- Peteborough Pagans,  Braden Bruce- Peterborough Pagans

Luke Bagshaw- Brock Rugby, Nash Ramsay- Stoney Creek RFC

Brendan Black- Crusaders RFC, Marcus D’Acre- Crusaders RFC

Andrex Kellar- Cobourg Saxons, Lucas Murdock- Peterborough Pagans


Director of Rugby: Nigel D’Acre- Crusaders RFC

Director of Development: Khalil Ajram- Aurora Barbarians

U23 Men: George Azar and Nigel D’Acre

U23 Women: Britt Benn and Lori Josephson

U18 Boys: Khalil Ajram- Aurora Barbarians, Kevin Julyan- Aurora Barbarians,

U18 Boys: Spencer Robinson- TIRF, Ella Grant- TIRF

U16 Boys: Dave Donald- Peterborough Pagans, Don Mailett- Cobourg Saxons

U18 Girls: Chad Donnelly- Brock RFC, Kevin Bagshaw- Brock RFC,

Dr. Nick Daniels- Aurora Barbarians,  Pete Clayton- Oshawa Vikings

U16 Girls Coaches: Ken Fitzgerald- Belleville Bulldogs, Lauryn Bons- Peterborough Pagans, Tanya Reid- Brock RFC

U14 Girls Coach: Damien Benedict- Toronto City, Amy Flood- Toronto City

Managers: Kristin Bagshaw- Brock Rugby, LeeAnn Donnelly- Brock Rugby,

Medical: Dr. Karen Chrobak- Sportside Medical,

Guest Coaches: Sean White- James Bay AA/ Rugby Canada, Richard Shuttleworth- RFU, Ashley Stacey- Former RC7s Player/Lethbridge

Past Staff: Chris Mckee- Oshawa Vikings, Ian Fitzgerald- NRU, Patrick Moulson- Balmy Beach, Sonny Raina- EORU, Barry Webster- Oshawa Vikings,  Sean McDonaugh- RMC, Andrew Battaglia- Aurora Barbarians, LeeEllen Carroll- EORU, Bill Hollett- Aurora Barbarians, Connor Libby- Aurora Barbarians, Kim Miller- Misfits RFC, Tyler Greer- Niagara RFC, Elizabeth Steadman- Cobourg, Madison Donnelly- Aurora Barbarians, Madison Thompson- Aurora Barbarians, Jen Thompson-Jenkins- Peterborough Pagans




Our Story

Canada Misfits Rugby Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization, who were incorporated in June 2018 and a member rugby club of both Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario.

The Misfit7s development model is to give our players/coaches the best possible avenue towards developing and improving their rugby skills with meaningful competition at an affordable price. Our goal is to develop and maintain a deep player pool that will feed the provincial and national programs with well coached and motivated young athletes and aspiring coaches.

The Misfits first took to the pitch with a U18 Boys side in the Mag7s @ Fletcher’s Field in July 2016. The tournament was a great success finishing as cup finalist with only 10 players and one practice. In 2017, the U18 Boys returned in full force and entered the Mag7s, QMeta Cup and NYC7s  winning each tournament and the Plate at NAI7s in Utah. In 2018, the Misfits expanded their programming from just one U18 Boys Program to include the following:

January 2018- Entered 2 x U20 Men’s teams into Seneca 7s Classic, Finished 1st and 2nd

April 2018- Entered U16 Boys (Runners-up) U16 Girls (U18 Girls Open Champions) to Tropical 7s

August 2018- Captured U20 Men’s NAI7s title & U18 NAI7s NAHS7s Finalist

Fall 2018- Captured all 4 major RO7s Boys Fall Titles including: U16B Whitcu7s, U18B TIRF, U18B Whitchu and U18B QMetaCup and finished runners up at all U18 Girls tournaments with a team entirely U16 Girls.

November 2018-  Re-captured our second straight U18 Boys Elite title and first U18 Girls Open titles at NYC7s. Also, entered our first Men team into competition and finished as Cup Semi-finalists in the Mens Elite Bracket.

December 2018- Opened our very first Under 14 Boys Winter Program in Hastings, ON with players from: Ajax, Aurora, Brock, Cobourg, Lindsay and Peterborough (Eastern- Toronto Rugby area clubs) partaking in the bi-monthly session.

April 2019- Enter our first U14 Boys team into the Tropical 7s. They had a strong 4th place finish

We are proud to be a 100% Player- Driven program.

Watch for our tournament announcements and pre-register for selection via our “events” tab.